How to be productive during 🔒 down

And we announce our first event!

Watch our first online event; EZH Best Albums of 2020

With Tom Ravenscroft, Anne Frankenstein, Haseeb Iqbal, China Moses and Lou Paley. Hosted by Tina Edwards.

As part of EFG London Jazz Festival, I’ll be hosting an online hang-out with Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6music), Anne Frankenstein (JazzFM, What Goes Around Pod), Haseeb Iqbal (Worldwide FM), China Moses (JazzFM) and Lou Paley (Women In Jazz) to highlight and nerd-off about the best albums in Jazz and beyond from 2020.

There’s no need to grab a ticket. Just join us on the EZH Facebook page at 15:00 GMT on Thursday 19 November. Join the FB Event for a reminder.

If you’re reading this in England, you might have a renewed sense of foreboding, given that today is day one of lock down, round two. Add to that the low-hanging fog blanketing London today and it feels like a metaphor; the lack of clarity that November has in store for us, the dizzying events of the Presidential campaign…

November’s newsletters will be a Part One and Part Two on How to be productive during 🔒 down, which I hope will provide some inspiration to musicians, managers, publicists and music fans alike.

If this doesn’t serve you, scroll down for opportunities, news and new music tips.

How to be productive during 🔒 down

Live stream a performance

From GoGo Penguin at Abbey Road to Boiler Room’s Streaming From Isolation series, there’s been some awesome live streams to lose yourself in this year. Streaming for the first time can feel daunting, but there’s plenty of ways to get started. I recommend checking out Twitch and Mixcloud Live. You might be tempted to try Facebook Live for its ease, but it’s known to frequently cut audio if it detects music. If you have over 1,000 subscribers on Youtube, then Youtube Live is also a reliable option.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that most musicians and creative people aren’t always networking-orientated. I’m not suggesting you start a LinkedIn page necessarily. What I’m talking about is emailing people whose work you admire, and keeping them updated on your projects and skills. Maybe a remix commission will come out of it, or you’ll be invited to give a University lecture. Perhaps you’ll find your first manager, or another musician might keep you in mind for a studio session in 2021. Depending on how you look at it, 2020 is not a write-off; you could be building the foundation for an exciting network of dream collaborators to come.

the normalisation of remote working means that opportunities which were once exclusive to major cities have opened up to skilled people, whatever your post code

Up your social media game

Check out Somewhere Soul’s Instagram for actionable and engaging social media support. It’s an absolute education.

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September 1, 2020

Shut the world out and focus on you

This one’s in stark contrast to the above. There’s a theory that 4AM is the most productive hour in the day for creatives; the world is asleep. Okay, lock down isn’t quite the same, but have you ever known the rat race to be slower than this? Perhaps you’ll get the most out of deleting your social media apps, writing an out of office - and looking inwards rather than outwards.

Organise your gadgets

I’m talking about backing up your hard drives, updating your USBs, clearing your desk top, tidying up your recording equipment. Did I do it first time around? Absolutely not. This is a second chance saloon.

Get on the waves

Community radio stations around the world want to hear from music heads like you. Write a short but compelling pitch to tell them what you can offer to the station that they don’t already have - is there something missing from their schedule? - or perhaps you want to suggest a one off special about the collective of rising producers that live down your street. Radio Garden is a great app for discovering underground and community radio stations around the world.

Apply for an exciting role

This isn’t news to anybody, but the normalisation of remote working means that opportunities which were once exclusive to major cities have opened up to skilled people, whatever your post code. Scroll down to check out roles that need filling at Spotify, Rolling Stone Magazine and the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.

Do absolutely nothing

Seriously. Whilst this newsletter is full of ideas to inspire you, the exact thing you might need could be rest - the hardest thing to achieve on this list. Give your mind the space to be present and see what it wants from you. After I hit publish, I’m forcing myself to step away from my to do list, and take a much-needed walk through the fog.

In Part Two of How to be productive during 🔒 down, I’ll be highlighting a few people’s stories and experiences. Got any plans? Including doing absolutely nothing? Shoot me an email 📧

Opportunities in Jazz and beyond

Orchestras For All are looking for a Communications and Content Producer.

The Royal College of Music is seeking a Major Gifts Manager. If anyone feels generous I’d like these as a major gift, please.

The Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast is looking for writers. Apply here.

John Peel Centre for Creative Arts are looking for a Marketing and Admin Officer

Musicians; Harrow Arts Centre want to commission new work.

Live Music Now are seeking a visionary Chief Executive.

Events programmers; Awards for Young Musicians would like your applications.

City of London Sinfonia are seeking a Participation Producer to cover paternity leave.

Got a passion to help people through music? Finding Rhythms are looking for freelance Music Project Leads.

This one is for NYC music journos; Rolling Stone are hiring a Senior Editor. Side note: Did you know Rolling Stone was born from Downbeat? This book is great.

In LA, Spotify are looking for a Podcast Content Strategist.

And here’s a similar-ish role with Spotify in for those based in London, NYC or LA.

Record of the Week \\ Angel Bat Dawid and The Brothahood Live

Once in a while an album comes along that makes everything around you fade into the shadows. This is the Angel Bat Dawid you’ll know if you’ve seen her live; the realest, boldest caller-outer, whose unapologetic self-expression makes you wonder if you’ve ever expressed yourself truly, at all. Angel awakens your soul when you didn’t know it was sleeping.

This set was recorded predominantly at JazzFest Berlin, amidst a series of persistent major and micro racial aggressions directed towards Angel and her bandmates. This record is mind juice; it’s energising, conscience-testing and provides an instant gut punch - it stays with you. Angel Bat Dawid; The Nina Simone of our time? Order here.

News and notable

  • Jazz re:freshed, Chiminyo and Yazz Ahmed were amongst the winners at the JazzFM Awards. Full list of winners.

  • WorldwideFM said goodbye to their morning flagship show WW Daily as they prepare for a new schedule.

  • Shameless self-promotion here; comedian James Acaster is my guest on Jazz Fix, BBC Radio 3. Listen in on 14 November.

  • This from one of the EZH 1.0 team; Jelly Cleaver has been nominated for an Ivor’s Academy Composer’s Award for her track What Is Understanding.

  • Bandcamp Friday has put $75 million dollars straight into the pockets of artists and labels. The next one is tomorrow. Here’s my Bandcamp wish list.

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