Now, there's a tax on live streaming

PRS announce their Online Live Concert licence

Live streams have been a small yet valuable source of income during the pandemic - which means that the new licensing fee introduced by PRS comes as a huge blow.

Music creators, venues and promoters who wish to stream an event - from small scale gigs to DJ sets - face a fee of £22.50 plus VAT for shows that gross less than £250, and double that, for shows that gross between £251-500. Artists would need to sell 101 tickets at £5 each to beat the cap.

Putting this in further context, the tariff for “in-person” live shows is charged at 4.2% of gross revenues. Now, artists are looking at paying between 8-17%.

Whether this affects the live streaming plans of beloved stalwarts like Jazz re:freshed and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club - who have just announced a programme of Lockdown Sessions - we’re yet to find out. What’s clear, is that musicians and the live sector have been handed another devastating challenge to overcome.

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